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The Gallery and inside the Studio

There’s room for around 80 paintings (half Middle-Earth) to be hung in the front part of the art gallery and in the hall next to the bar. This has been converted from a very old cafeteria from 1950 that belonged to my Grand Father, to the space into what you see here. All the walls, the floor and lighting has been renovated, designed and installed by me in 2012 when I was working as an interior designer. The place was re-decorated into a workshop in 2015 and became a proper gallery in 2018.  One sofa with poof in the main room among many furniture with middle sized paintings and wooden boxes painted by me. There are a lot of coffee machines in the back room with a full bar of soft drinks and rare wines for the guests.

The back room can hold around 30 mini paintings for gifts or personal collection from Middle-Earth. There is a part of the gallery that stays my workshop in which I spent almost all my day (and night). All of my guests say that it’s a really nice space to be in. Also there's a 40tm front veranda full of flowers and cats.

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